Increased investment in science and technology of domestic slaughtering machinery need to upgrade


Industry pointed out that the domestic market development prospect of slaughtering equipment industry is relatively substantial, need in slaughtering equipment industry automation on the basis of gradual improvement, to achieve the international advanced level, and on the basis of automation management to strengthen the management of all production processes to the highest level to ensure that the products after processing of plain.

Slaughtering equipment present situation in our country
Abroad the main development direction of poultry processing, improve the degree of automation, stable product quality, the modernization of system management, maximize health quality, maximum keep the flavor of poultry meat, improve the quality of the poultry.
At present our country slaughtering machinery factory in numerous and all over the country, and the production processing equipment has covered the slaughtering, segmentation, meat, prepared food, and many other industries, but the overall industry concentration or the slaughter equipment is very low, the lack of modern development mode.
The protection of intellectual property rights awareness
Slaughtering equipment companies raise awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights and actively apply for patents, sustaining the enterprise development.Our country intellectual property market is not standard, lead to developed products do not have intellectual property rights protection.In some enterprises invest more financial and material resources, the energy development of new products, listed soon copied, there are a lot of slaughter machinery enterprise spent a lot of effort in developing new products, will soon be generic, to make enterprises are reluctant to spend money to technical innovation.
Increase the r&d funds: increase investment in science and technology
Slaughter equipment enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, and increase r&d investment.The 12th five-year plan according to the food industry, support a number of major key technology development projects and the development of key equipment work, promote products with independent intellectual property rights policy research, development and transformation, for countries in the aspects of policy, capital support, accelerate the industrialization of technological achievements.
Actively introduce and absorb foreign advanced technology, accelerate the upgrading and innovation
Slaughtering equipment companies need to actively introduce advanced foreign technology, and constantly digestion and absorption.Introduced in China in recent years a large number of imported slaughtering production line, we want to import equipment for digestion, absorption, analyzes its working principle, and combining with China's machinery industry development level, pig breeding characteristics for innovation, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the equipment.Slaughtering equipment companies understand deeply the whole technical level of meat processing machinery in China, pay attention to the quality of the equipment, with high-end market, speed up the upgrading of meat machinery and innovation.
Technical level to improve the overall machining parts, is indispensable
Our whole machining parts manufacturing and raw materials provided by the improvement of technical level will also promote the development of slaughtering equipment in our country, narrow the gap with Europe and the United States similar equipment, such as: parts precision needs to strengthen;Stainless steel heat treatment processing technology to improve;The volume of motor need to tend to be small;Control of cost reduction.
In old factory equipment renewal at the same time, the development of high-tech automation of poultry processing production line.Only constant technical research, domestic slaughter equipment to occupy the market.