For suppliers in the catering industry who want to make direct contact with domestic and foreign buyers and reach business cooperation, participating in the 6th Shanghai International Food and Food Packaging Technology and Materials Exhibition (CFPE) is an effective way to achieve their goals.
CFPE-The 6th Shanghai International Catering Food Packaging Technology and Materials Exhibition provides a unique business opportunity for suppliers in the catering packaging industry to directly contact global target buyers, establish business contacts and improve sales performance.
New opportunities
In order to promote the rapid development of the food machinery and packaging technology industry and promote the cooperation for food machinery and packaging technology enterprises and food and beverage manufacturers between domestic and foreign. Golden Commercial will hold Shanghai International Food Packaging Technology and Materials Exhibition on May 7 - 9, 2020, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition which gathers the most authoritative associations and media from domestic and foreign industries, integrates product display, procurement, trade matching and seminars, and will become an annual event for the food machinery and packaging technology industry. During the exhibition, there will also be a food industry technology exchange meeting. Experts from various countries in the food processing industry will conduct in-depth discussions on how to improve the domestic food machinery and packaging technology and the future trend.
Concurrent Activities
During the exhibition, China fast moving consumer goods innovative packaging materials and technology conference, China food safety production summit forum, smart packaging robot solutions forum, fresh food e-commerce and smart development of cold chain logistics summit forum, new food product packaging exchange meeting, international food and packaging mechanical technology forum and one-to-one buyer meeting will be held. It will attract the attention of many international organizations and industry colleagues.
Major Exhibits
• Food Packaging Machinery: packaging printing machinery, packaging machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, molding - filling - sealing machinery, labeling machinery,binding and assembly machinery, cleaning machinery (bottle washing, box washing), packaging container manufacturing machinery, packaging materials processing machinery, packaging materials, etc.
• Packaging Material: BOPP,PE,PET,PVC,PP, Composite materials, metal materials, paper materials, glass materials, anti-counterfeiting materials and various materials and products.
• Meat Processing and Testing: livestock and poultry slaughtering equipment, meat products packaging equipment, meat products processing equipment and technology, product inspection and testing equipment, meat products sterilization sanitary equipment, aquatic product processing equipment, can processing equipment, meat products refrigerated and frozen equipment, terminal sales of heat preservation and storage equipment, meat products refrigerated transport vehicles and equipment, meat food safety traceability system products and technology, meat food certification, etc.
• Food Processing Machinery: all kinds of machining, soft drinks processing, pastry food processing, candy processing, soy products processing, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy products processing, add processing, oil deep processing, convenient food processing, grain processing, cooking equipment, sorting and cleaning machinery, grinding and classification machinery, food mixing machine, food homogenizer ,food enrichment equipment, food drying, machinery disinfection, Fried food machinery, baked food machinery, etc.
• Others:Spraying machine, testing equipment, transmission machinery, weighing equipment, supporting equipment, etc.
Target Audiences
• Governmental agencies, competent authorities, international organizations, industry organizations and manufacturers in the field of food and beverage;
• Over one hundred thousand manufacturers, processors, importers, distributors, wholesalers andretailersin the field of meat product and food and beverage;
• The main responsible person from all kinds of food and beverage processing, pastry processing equipments, supporting facilities, packaging machinery,detecting instruments, raw and auxiliary materials, trademark making, engineering Design, trade consultingandinformation service, etc.
• E-commerce industry: the website designer of food and beverage, food and beverage processing and packaging machinerypurchaser in the related website.
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